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Education USA Student Ambassador Program

Education USA Student Ambassador Program

Vidusskolas skolēniem un studentiem Daugavpilī  ir iespēja pieteikties dalībai Student Ambassador programmā. 

Title – Student Advisor

Purpose – To assist with the advising of students who want to study abroad in the United States; give correct and current information about how to go about getting into a study abroad program and receiving financial aid to help with travel and housing expenses

Compensation – $500 Stipend at the beginning of work

Other Incentives

§  1-day in the field training & additional online training available at no cost to you

§  Experience working with students in the field of advising

§  Potential to work with the US Dept. of State on projects

§  Will help you brush  up on your English language skills

§  This is an opportunity to invest in your personal education, as well as helping educate those who need counsel

§  Experience planning ahead and being prepared for the unexpected!

Tasks/Job Duties

§  Help students prepare their resumes and cover letters

§  Help students have realistic expectations when it comes to applying for study abroad programs, etc.

§  Events: possible events with other Education USA colleagues or with the Public Affairs Section at the Riga Embassy

§  Promotion: The possibility of letting people know what you’re doing, and doing it well so that you can self-promote through strong work ethics and being well-prepared for anything the students might throw your way

§  Advising: communicating and meeting up with students interested in studying in the United Sates and possibly talking to students on the phone who can’t meet in person

§  Collaborate with other Education USA staff regularly in order to learn from one another’s experiences, and answer questions


The ideal candidate for the Student Ambassador Position will have excellent interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills. S/he must be responsible, be able to take initiative, and handle multiple tasks simultaneously, be courteous and friendly, and should have a good sense of humor! S/he must be able to handle pressure well in stressful situations, and think quickly when put on the spot in order to answer any questions that might be asked. International experience, either study abroad or other, is a plus.

If you wish to apply for the Student Ambassador Program, please fill out the application form and return to tatjana.kolota@lcb.lv by July 27, 2012 for consideration. 

Apply for the Student Ambassador Program

If you have any questions, please, call (+371)29853103 or e-mail tatjana.kolota@lcb.lv.